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For over 20 years, we have been the bug authority in Orange County. We proudly serve businesses and residences in all pest-related challenges, including termite inspections, termite control, structural repairs, primer and paint, pest extermination, rodent prevention, rodent sanitation, bird control, attic cleaning, home insulation and much more! Click here for our services.

Family owned and operated, we put our customers first, treating each one with respect and understanding. Our work is not finished until our customer is fully satisfied.

​Our bug control services address the most persistent and pervasive insects in Orange County, including ants, bees, bedbugs, cockroaches, crickets, silverfish, pill bugs and spiders, just to name a few!

We provide a full line of extermination and pest elimination services for commercial, industrial and governmental business as well as residential services for homes, apartments, condos and all multi-dwelling facilities. We have extensive experience with associations, community groups, municipalities and churches throughout Orange County.

We proudly service all of Orange County. Click here for a list of cities and communities to see what we offer in each.

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Serving Orange County

From the pristine beach communities of San Clemente to the beautiful hillside neighborhoods of La Habra, and everything in between, OC Pest Control has treated homes and businesses for every possible kind of pest, bug, spider and rodent. We love Orange County! It’s where we live, shop, and worship. Like you, we’re grateful for the climate

work, play and worship. It’s where we’ve built community, home, family and friendships, and it’s where we plan to stay. Like you, we’re grateful for the climate, sunshine, proximity to parks, mountains, beaches, theme parks and countless other treasures within this county. Nevertheless, like you, we can do without the bugs! That’s why we’ve dedicated the past several decades to the task of becoming Orange County’s foremost experts on the subjects of extermination, bug eradication​ and prevention, sanitation, damage control and repair. If you’re in Orange County, we’d love to help you solve your pest problem. Click here for service area details.

Saving You Money

We believe it shouldn’t cost you a small fortune to protect your home or business. That’s why we make our bug control services affordable, and it’s why we never charge you for inspections. Our Termite Home Protection plan starts at just $195.00, and includes complete home coverage, we know how to cut costs, get in and out quickly,

interior and exterior, a free Inspection, free service calls and free reports. Our Pest Service Special starts at just $139.00 and includes complete home coverage, ants & earwigs, crickets & silverfish, sow bugs & spiders and de-webbing. Our free Termite & Repair Estimates include property inspection, infestation identification, treatment options, repair options and a free report. Of course, some inspections may not be free, due to the size of the structure and other unknown variables. The inspection will result in a standard recommended, but because we understand that every house is different, we can also develop a custom treatment specific to your needs. Click here for our price chart.

″ I just had my home treated for termites, in the outside fascia boards and inside the garage and attic. Your tech did a great job. He was on time, very thorough, and was friendly as well. I definitely recommend your company. Your price was very reasonable, 1/3 the quote I received from another termite company for the same work.

OC Pest Control is at Your Service!

Termite Control is a critical concern in Orange County, but have you ever wondered why treating termites is so difficult?The simple answer is that, while other bugs live on the surface, termites are beneath the surface, burrowing deep into wood, pre-treatment and much more!

earth and other solid materials. While they primarily feed on wood, termites also destroy paper-products, books, insulation and more. And because it is largely hidden, termite damage impacts thousands of buildings in Orange County annually without ever being noticed. Unfortunately, by the time the problem is recognized, it’s often too late. We offer one-time treatment, annual service plans, fumigation, localized treatment, full perimeter treatment, pre-treatment and much more! Call today, and let us help you get victory over your battle with termites!

Painting and Repairs may not be the first things that come to mind when considering bug extermination​ services, but perhaps you didn’t know that pests cause $billions in damage every year! We specialize in the construction services

necessary to correct all types of dry rot, termite damage and every possible kind of pest-related injury to be found in Orange County. Sometimes it’s as simple as paint! A new coat of high-quality paint will help defer both dry rot and termite infestation. How’s your attic? In addition to drywall, wood and paint repairs, we handle insulation replacement. We will remove your old, bug-infested insulation and replace it with new fiberglass or blown insulation. Because this is our area of expertise, we know how to cut costs, get in and out quickly, and restore your home to its former glory and structural integrity.

Rodent Prevention is more than just setting a few traps and hoping for the best. Unfortunately, rats are smart, and they quickly find access points that you might never consider. Part of our job is to locate and close off all the rodent access

prevent them from entering your home. Did you know that roof rats, which are a big problem in Orange County, can get into homes, garages, sheds, attics and other structures through any opening slightly larger than a nickel? To create a barrier, we use mortar to seal off all openings and permanently block rodent access. Another successful method is bait stations. Because mice and rats love to eat, bait stations are useful for monitoring the exterior of your home and quickly locating rodent activity. These stations are also helpful in attracting rats away from the house.

Pest Management isn’t a simple task in Southern CA. Ants, pill bugs, cockroaches, silverfish, spiders, crickets and numerous other bugs love to call Orange County home! That’s why many of our customers choose our year-round pest management

service plan. We start by installing multiple barriers at the interior perimeter of your building to restrict bugs and limit their access to your home or business. Next, we force into the walls an organic dust which quickly eliminates many types of household bugs. The exterior perimeters of your home and yard are the final and most critical steps in the fight against pests. We treat the walls, eves, driveway, yard, fence-line and sidewalk. All of this is done by licensed technicians who are knowledgeable, friendly, courteous and respectful of your time. Let us solve your pest problem today!

Your Success is Ours

One of the reasons for our success is that we love what we do. In fact, we’re kinda passionate about it! We believe our obsession with bug management has helped make Orange County a better place to live, work and play, and we’ve got thousands of satisfied customers who agree. We figured out early on that, if we do whatever it takes to make a customer happy, it’s improves our bottom line. Maybe not directly, and certainly not always immediately. But, over time, as we’ve consistently applied this principal, we’ve experienced steady, healthy growth and enjoyed a great reputation in the extermination business and as an organization in general. Sure, we have to admit that it’s sometimes only about our crazy affection for eliminating pests from your home, chasing rodents from your attic, convincing bees to move out, exposing and conquering termites where they hide, squashing cockroaches, annihilating ants, and disintegrating bed bugs. What’s not to like about all that? But at the end of the day, that means very little if we don’t make you smile, or at least sigh in relief. So, bring on the worst you’ve got. We’ve seen it all and we won’t flinch. We’ll put on our big-boy (and big-girl) pants and get to work, and we wont stop til you’re happy. That’s how we’ve built a reputation for being the exterminator authority in Orange County.