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OC Pest Control is a family owned and operated company serving OC for more than 20 years. We offer a full line of extermination services including termite control, dry rot repair and replacement, gutter systems, rodent remediation, removal and replacement of contaminated insulation, all species of pests, bee removal and professional priming and painting.

We offer annual service contracts, residential and commercial services, HOA and property management services for repairs and general maintenance.

Our pest control services cover every possible species known to Orange County, including ants, silverfish, spiders, bed bugs, roaches, fleas, crickets, pill bugs, rodents, bees and wasps, just to name a few of the most common.

Licensed, bonded and insured, OC Pest Control can handle any pest problem, large or small. We’ll do it effectively, economically, and we’ll surprise you with customer service that truly puts you first. Our technicians are clever, careful and courteous and our belief is that protecting your home should be affordable. We’re happy to provide you with a free inspection and estimate, so call us today or fill out the form to hear back from us immediately.

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Barricade to the Rescue

Our pest control services include the creation of multiple barriers around your structure to block and contain pest infestations. For pests within your walls, we infuse a non-toxic dust at any and all openings, such as plumbing areas and power outlets. For out-in-the-open pests, we’ll use a low-

odor liquid treatment along your baseboard. We prevent pests from migrating back into your home with an exterior barrier, which requires the use of a power sprayer and numerous gallons of solution. We then manually clear away all spider webs and spray your eves to prevent the return of spiders. Lastly, we spray heavily at the perimeters of your property, as this is often the point of entry for many pests. OC Pest Control is careful to use time-tested, environmentally friendly products wherever possible. Moreover, since our job is to eliminate the problem and get you back into your home or business as quickly as possible, we often employ hybrid technologies, mixing the old and new to get the best results. When you’re ready to barricade against pests, give us a call!

Act Quickly to Save Money

Experts agree that, if you live in SoCal, you will sooner or later need to have your home professionally inspected for pests. Approximately 75% to 90% of SoCal homes are infested with bugs, so it’s no surprise that there are currently at least 2 million treatments occurring statewide.

But the most alarming number is that 95% of those treatments reveal evidence of local or widespread pest infestation. Californians spend an estimated $2 billion on annually on treatment, which makes up nearly 25% of the nationwide total!
If it’s termites you’re battling, we’re the experts! Our free Termite & Repair Estimates include property inspection, infestation identification, explanation of treatment options and repair options as well as a free report. Our termite inspection will result in a comprehensive recommended treatment plan; still, because we understand that every house is different, we can also develop a custom treatment plan to ensure that your home is properly treated and repaired! Click here for our price chart.

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Pest Management isn’t a simple task in Southern CA. Ants, pill bugs, cockroaches, silverfish, spiders, crickets and numerous other bugs love to call Orange County home! That’s why many of our customers choose our year-round pest management service plan. We start by installing multiple barriers at the interior perimeter of your building to restrict bugs and limit their access to your home or business. Next, we force into the walls an organic dust which quickly eliminates many types of household bugs. The exterior perimeters of your home and yard are the final and most critical steps in the fight against pests. We treat the walls, eves, driveway, yard, fence-line and sidewalk. All of this is done by licensed technicians who are knowledgeable, friendly, courteous and respectful of your time. Let us solve your pest problem today!