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Termites are on a paint-free diet

A good coat of paint will help deter termite infestation & dry rot. Why? Because termites don’t eat through paint!

Here’s the problem: a termite colony can still get into your wood if it was not painted correctly, completely and thoroughly. For example, wood at or below ground level is especially vulnerable, and must be primed and well coated with paint in order to keep out termites.

OC Pest Control is one of the only exterminators in SoCal offering full-service painting. We know proper painting is one of the best preventative measures against termite infestations and other pest problems, so we’re outfitted for every possible paint job, large or small.

Oil-based primers: When treating wood surfaces for termite prevention, we start with high-quality oil-based primers, and we allow the first primer coat to thoroughly dry before adding the second coat. Primer coats serve as shields and add much needed barriers to improve impermeability of the entire paint job.

Termite-proof paint: Infused with chemicals that suppress termite infestation, this paint is then applied over the cured primer to enhance the effectiveness of our termite barrier-system. As many as 3 costs may be required to adequately protect the wood surface.

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What else besides paint?

We provide 100% of the construction services necessary to correct every type of dry rot and termite damage. Most often, this requires removing and replacing the highly damaged materials. We’ll first disconnect and disengage any plumbing connections or wiring within the

infested areas. We’ll then remove all damaged wood and scrape the remaining undamaged material. Using precise injection machines, we’ll infuse high-strength wood sealers into the adjacent and remaining structures. We’ll also refinish the surrounding structures to eliminate all traces of infestation. ​We’ll do all this quickly and efficiently, so if you’ve got termite damage, call us right away, before the problem gets any bigger!

Why call OC Pest Control?

When it comes to termite damage, we are the foremost structural repair expert in OC. We are licensed, bonded and have extensive knowledge of every aspect of termite-related repair. We take time to comprehensively inspect the damaged areas and offer cost-saving options for

replacement. We’re careful to only remove materials that absolutely must be removed, preventing excess cost. We have thousands of satisfied customers who continually bring us referrals and repeat business. We have outstanding customer service, attention to detail and very competitive prices, among the best anywhere in Orange County; in fact, our customers often tell us that our quote was a fraction of our competitor’s. Click here for our price chart.

[Structural termite damage] repairs are usually beyond the scope of household repair techniques. Professional help is recommended.

Termite Control is a critical concern in Orange County, but have you ever wondered why treating termites is so difficult?The simple answer is that, while other bugs live on the surface, termites are beneath the surface, burrowing deep into wood, the earth and other solid materials. While they primarily feed on wood, termites also destroy paper-products, books, insulation and more. And because it is largely hidden, termite damage impacts thousands of buildings in Orange County annually without ever being noticed. Unfortunately, by the time the problem is recognized, it’s often too late. We offer one-time treatment, annual service plans, fumigation, localized treatment, full perimeter treatment, pre-treatment and much more! Call today, and let us help you get victory over your battle with termites!