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Termite Inspections in Orange County

Signs of Termite Infestation

It can be challenging trying to determine whether or not you’ve got termites, because they stay below the surface. Termites eat their way through the inside of wood and wood products instead of damaging the outside, so they virtually never make their presence known. Still, there are a few ways to find them:

1. Look for swarms. In the spring or autumn, subterranean and drywood termites start new colonies by forming swarms, often near lights or windows.

2. Watch for piles of wings. Shedded wings are a clear indicator, as termites lose their wings when swarming.

3. Pay attention to droppings. Usually found in tiny piles below infested wood or in attics, fecal pellets from drywood termites have a distinctive hexagonal shape.

4. Look for wood damage. Loose window frames, crumbling drywall, tiny holes in wood and sagging doors are among the common, visible symptoms of wood damage.

5. Check for tubes. On the exterior walls, small mud tubes are formed by subterranean termites to protect them from direct sunlight while they move back and forth from the soil to your house.​

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Termites Species in OC

From the pristine beach communities of San Clemente to the beautiful hillside neighborhoods of La Habra, and everything in between, Termites have found their way into our homes. Here are the kinds of termites you’ll find in OC.
Drywood Termites: Of the three kinds of termites found in OC, Drywood Termites are the most

common. Frequently found in and around our beach communities, these termites feast on and make their habitat in walls, attics, dead trees, stored lumber, utility poles and garages. Entering through knotholes, vents exposed wood and small cracks, they form nests (or galleries) inside the wood. Entomologists tell us these termites are most active in late summer and autumn, particularly on sunny days, which means, here in SoCal, they are virtually always active!
Subterranean Termites: Wherever there is wood on soil, you’ll be sure to find Subterranean Termites. Considered to be more destructive than Drywood Termites, these live in the soil, but come up through foundation cracks into homes, patios and driveways. Easily recognized by their mud tubes on the sides of walls, they travel from nests to their meals protected from the sun and other elements. The tunnels are about the diameter of a plastic straw, and are your biggest/easiest indicator of termite infestation.
Formosan Termite: Known as a super-termite, the Formosan is the most destructive of all, as they can eat wood at a very high rate. This, combined with the enormous size of their colonies, makes Formosans especially difficult to eradicate. Each colony can consist of millions of termites, which is 10-20x that of other subterranean termites. Fully developed colonies can consume nearly a pound of wood every day, rendering substantial structural damage to buildings in less than 3 months. Due to their massive colony size, their foraging range (up to 300ft) and their enormous appetite, they are almost never fully eradicated from any established area of infestation. ​If you’ve got Formosan termites, call us right away!

Act Quickly to Save Money

Experts agree that, if you live in Southern California, you need to have your home professionally inspected for termites every year. Approximately 60% to 80% of SoCal homes are infested with termites, so it’s no surprise that there are currently at least 1.5 million termite

inspections occurring statewide. But the most alarming number is that 95% of those inspections reveal evidence of local or widespread termite infestation. That’s why Californians annually spend an estimated $2 billion on treatment. And considering that the national total is estimated at $5 billion in property damage annually, it underscores just how pervasive this problem is for Californians, in particular.
As a homeowner, termite inspection and treatment is considered part of your standard maintenance, therefore homeowners insurance policies typically do not cover termite damage. So it follows that you are far better off taking action immediately if you suspect termite activity or see any of the signs. Delaying the decision to manage your termite infestation means increased costs, as termites can quickly accelerate the damage from bad to worse. OC Pest Control can help protect your home from further damage while completely eliminating an existing colony of termites. Otherwise, as your home is eaten from the inside out by these wood-consuming pests, neglecting to treat an infestation of termites can end up costing tens of thousands of dollars.
Our free Termite & Repair Estimates include property inspection, infestation identification, explanation of treatment options and repair options as well as a free report. Of course, some inspections may not be free, depending on the size of the structure and other unknown or unique variables, so call us for details. The inspection will result in a recommended treatment plan. Because we understand that every house is different, we can also develop a custom treatment plan to ensure that your home is properly treated and repaired! Click here for our price chart.

When you suspect termite troubles, it’s time to call a professional pest control company to inspect the house. After making a thorough visible check of your home, an inspector will outline where the termites are and recommend a course of treatment. Inspection costs range from $50 to $150.
~Los Angeles Times

Termite Control is a critical concern in Orange County, but have you ever wondered why treating termites is so difficult? The simple answer is that, while other bugs live on the surface, termites are beneath the surface, burrowing deep into wood, the earth and other solid materials. While they primarily feed on wood, termites also destroy paper-products, books, insulation and more. And because it is largely hidden, termite damage impacts thousands of buildings in Orange County annually without ever being noticed. Unfortunately, by the time the problem is recognized, it’s often too late. We offer one-time treatment, annual service plans, fumigation, localized treatment, full perimeter treatment, pre-treatment and much more! Call today, and let us help you get victory over your battle with termites!